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Well… P1. Bottom to top

Sebastian Stan in The Covenant.

Oh God, that beautiful delicious face. Gotta watch that movie again. 


mom: why do you dye your hair so much
me: why does the sun rise, mother
mom: (eyeroll) oh lord


You are arsenic.

You are the scent they fear,

the acrid curve of peaches and electricity.

You are grand cathedrals rising

against stormy skies,

stained glass windows changing light as it goes through you.

You are not the shipwreck that fills your stomach instead of food,

the rejection…

Dylan O’Brien attends the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.


…and I’d love to hear from you!!
I’m (an Oglala Lakota two-spirit person) currently writing my thesis on the (academic) literary perception of two-spirit people vs. the community perception of us within First Nations communities.
I’ll be studying French in Québec City…



So only home girl from frozen can turn up

There’s is nothing I don’t love about that sentence


family guy is so important all the time

Oh drug war, you so funny


Green eyes


when u start lusting over someone but then realise you actually have a really big crush on them